Hand Painted Silk Georgette Poncho Top

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Beautiful Hand Painted Silk 10mm Silk  georgette Poncho Top with a finished round neckline.   

Offered in 3 sizes.   P measures approx. 37"x 44", M approx 44" x 51" and L approx 44"x 61" which makes it longer front and back.   

 Silk Georgette is a lovely sheer fabric and the 10mm weight that we use is sheer and durable, hand washes beautifully and travels well. 

   Each piece of Silk georgette is stretched and painted free -hand using artist brushes and traditional silk dyes.  After the fabric dries it is rolled up in newsprint and steam-set to make the colors vibrant and washable.  This painting features turquoise, sea green and medium blue dyes with white.  All work done in our Venice Florida Studio, USA